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  The straw, wood, wood and other agricultural and forestry waste after crushing, the length of 50mm below the water content control in the range of 10 ~ 25%, the material conveyor to the material into the feed port, through the spindle rotation, driven pressure The roller is rotated and passed through the rotation of the press roll, the material is forced from the mold hole into a block extrusion, compressed into a section size of 30-40 mm, length 10-100 mm can be a direct combustion of solid particles of fuel, and from the material Mouth down, back cool (water content can not exceed 14%), bagging.
  1, can provide fuel for the biomass pyrolysis project.
  2, for the biomass boiler to provide fuel for urban and industrial park heating and for steam.
  3, suitable for rural areas, towns, units and families, for cooking, heating, bathing.
  4, is the ideal fuel for biomass power generation.