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How does biomass energy outperform new energy?

Date:2017-9-8 15:38
  Experts believe that only crack the cost-effectiveness of the problem, can stimulate the sustainable development of the industry
  Under the testimony of Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Hollande, last year, Yuanhua Energy Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd. and the French Development Agency officially signed 30 million euros on the development of the Sanshou energy forest and biodiesel industry loans protocol.
  30 million euros of the contract, not a big single, why lead to the leaders of China and France concerned about the global lack of biomass energy “predators”, France why choose to cooperate with Chinese enterprises? Biomass energy global pattern Is the development model better?
  Beijing Forestry University, National Energy non-grain biomass raw materials research and development center, deputy director of Professor Jia Liming and the center professor Su Shuai that China's forestry biomass energy research and development of another way, enterprises and research institutions to explore a raw material forest intensive cultivation plantation model , The product of the multi-industry chain model, the whole life cycle sustainable development model of the new path, the prospects worth looking forward to. Because of this, the French Development Agency not only signed with Fujian Yuanhua, but also “eyeing” a number of China's biomass energy companies.

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