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Wuhan Optical Valley blue flame to the way all the way out "new energy program"

Date:2017-9-8 15:32
  Reporter Jiang Yong, Zhang Xin reported: July 25, 2017, Wuhan Optical Valley Blue Yan New Energy Co., Ltd., Lanzhou University and Pakistan Saganda University in the optical Valley Blue flame headquarters signed a cooperation agreement, the two countries will be in the agricultural ecology and biomass energy Research and development to carry out all-round cooperation, Wuhan Optical Valley blue flame to Pakistan to provide the field of scientific research, equipment, technology and personnel one-stop service.
  Wuhan Optical Valley blue flame chairman Xiong Jian, Lanzhou University President Wang by the University of Saskatchewan University of Agriculture, Dean Muhammad Afzal signed the agreement. Chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation Muhammad Ashshaf attended the signing ceremony.


  Lanzhou University School Director Zhang Beichen, deputy director of the International Department of Chi Gang, Lanzhou University Professor Li Xiangkai, Professor Li Fengmin, translation Fan Lizhi, as well as optical valley blue flame deputy general manager Cheng Jiagui, chief executive officer Wu Jing, and deputy director Tianfa Ke, manager Jia Jing , Chu Shi attended the signing ceremony.
  Wuhan Optical Valley blue flame chairman Xiong Jian speech at the signing ceremony, from the Palestinian and Lanzhou University guests warmly welcome the optical Valley blue flame of the core business and construction development were introduced. Xiong Jian pointed out that Pakistan is a traditional Chinese friendly country and one of the most important countries along the “one way” program. The cooperation space is very large. Pakistan is working closely together. According to the consultation, you can first set up a biogas business demonstration in Pakistan, and then gradually promote the establishment of equipment manufacturing plant. Xiong Jianqiang, Optical Valley Blue flame sincere desire for Pakistan's biomass energy utilization to do a good job of technical services and support, hope that the blue flame technology and equipment can benefit the Pakistani countries and people, to be recognized by the Pakistani government and people, which is all blue flame The desire of the people.
  In his speech, Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation, thanked Guanggu Lan Yan and Lanzhou University for their support for the utilization of biomass energy in Pakistan. He said that through today's visit, the optical valley blue flame of biomass energy utilization technology and achieved results “shocked”, hope as soon as possible with the optical Valley Blue flame to carry out substantive cooperation. He suggested that, according to preliminary research, in the vicinity of Islamabad to choose a natural village, start as soon as possible, the first to establish the use of biogas business demonstration projects, the demonstration project done, and then gradually in the country to promote.



  Lanzhou University President Wang said in his speech, the tripartite talks cooperation plan, very successful, the three parties desire to achieve the desired results. After signing today, the follow-up work to quickly keep up, the sooner the better, Lanzhou University and Optical Valley Blue flame donated equipment as soon as possible in place. Wang stressed that the establishment of biogas business demonstration projects in Pakistan villages, in the shortest possible time, sent a joint working group to carry out research and feasibility studies, feasibility studies as soon as possible, the demonstration project to make effective, for the benefit of the Pakistani people to make our contribution.
  Agreement, China and Pakistan agreed to Pakistan bio-energy research and development in the use of cooperation. Optical Valley Blue flame to provide 300,000 yuan of biogas business equipment will be shipped to Pakistan for scientific research and project demonstration. China and Pakistan will continue to carry out scientific and technological exchanges, academic research and personnel training.
  On the same day, Chinese and foreign guests went to Ezhou to visit the optical valley blue flame biomass pyrolysis co-production project and biogas project, and deep into the farmers at home to experience the situation of biomass gas cooking. Pyrolysis project is one of the core business of Optical Valley Blue flame, workers will be straw and other agricultural and forestry residues transported to the pyrolysis furnace, through the high temperature can be continuously produced gas, carbon, tar and wood vinegar, these are life and industrial and agricultural production commonly used To the baby.


  Optical Valley Blue flame is a well-known new energy and environmental protection enterprise in central China. Its main business includes biomass clean heating, biomass molding fuel, biomass pyrolysis and biogas production, and has more than 200 patents and intellectual property rights. Patent for invention. July 22, 2013, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, State President Xi Jinping visit the Optical Valley Blue flame project inspection, and make important instructions. In 2014, Optical Valley Blue won the United Nations “Global Renewable Energy Blue Sky Award”, the company in some countries in northern Europe set up biomass energy research and development center. In response to the “one way” initiative, since 2016, the company and the Lanzhou University, co-construction of the Ministry of Science and Technology hosted the “China and Pakistan biomass energy technology research and development and demonstration center” project.

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