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Job offers

Development manager / supervisor

Job Responsibilities:


1, responsible for assisting the director of the development goals of the sector decomposition, the development of departmental work plan;

2, responsible for assisting the director to conduct business environment survey and customer information collection;

3, responsible for assisting the director of the project site and other construction conditions to confirm;

4, is responsible for assisting the director to organize the project project to assist the organization to sign the agreement;

5, to assist the Director to carry out the relevant foreign committee report the contract signed work, with the income, tracking the implementation of foreign contract;

6, to assist the Commissioner to do a good job of project special report review and filing approval work, and actively communicate with the competent departments to coordinate;

7, responsible for the local government, advisory bodies and other cooperation units smooth communication channels and the relationship between the establishment and maintenance of the platform;

8, to complete other tasks delivered by superior leaders.


job requirements:


1, college and above (business management, new energy, environmental protection, gas, forestry, agriculture and related professional, excellent conditions can relax academic requirements), the age of 45 years of age;

2, 5 years of large and medium-sized enterprises market and department work experience; of which more than 3 years of new energy, gas, heating and other project development expertise is preferred;

3, familiar with the industry project development aspects of the approval requirements, approval process;

4, to understand the national and industry project development of the relevant policies and regulations and industrial planning;

5, to understand the project development knowledge and industry norms;

6, with good outreach and public relations capabilities;

7, with good interpersonal communication skills, psychological pressure strong, with a high degree of responsibility;

8, able to adapt to frequent travel.

9, a food business, pharmaceutical business resources can relax the admission conditions

10, there are heating project resources or independent development capacity of the relaxation requirements.


project manager

Job Responsibilities:


1, responsible for the specific implementation of the project started construction work, start and start conditions to confirm;

2, is responsible for organizing the preparation of specific project equipment materials, engineering and technical services contract tender documents technical tender (including drawings and accessories);

3, the specific responsibility for project quality, progress, health and other health supervision and management;

4, responsible for organizing the project construction coordination meeting, timely collection of weekly, monthly, monthly supervision and analysis, correction and summary, timely solution to the problems in the construction process of the project to promote the orderly implementation of the project construction plan;

5, responsible for the company 's project tender documents and the review of the contract text, the duration, quality norms and other content to review;

6, responsible for the specific preparation of the project construction network plan, the implementation of the project network plan to check, urge and protect the project company to complete the project construction goals;

7, to assist the construction director of the preparation of project objectives management responsibility book, urging the project team to complete the project objectives;

8, to complete the other leaders assigned to other work.



1, Bachelor degree or above, engineering management, thermal power, pyrolysis, electrical, thermal control, civil engineering and other related projects, the age of 45 years of age;

2, 10 years of business management experience, including 5 years peer (or related) work experience is preferred;

3, familiar with the construction of professional knowledge; familiar with pyrolysis, heating project construction process;

4, with project management capacity; familiar with pyrolysis engineering construction standards, procedures norms;

5, to understand pyrolysis, heating project development, investment, operation and management business;

6, familiar with the project management and related laws and regulations and policies.


Financial Officer

Job Responsibilities:

1, to assist in the development of corporate financial objectives, policies and operational procedures;

2, to help establish and improve the company's financial management system;

3, to help establish and improve the company's internal control system and implementation, financial management and internal control work;

4, the organization of the preparation of financial statements, submit financial analysis and management work report; participate in investment projects analysis, demonstration and decision-making; tracking and analysis of various financial indicators, revealing potential business problems and submitted to management as a decision-

5, to ensure the efficient operation of the company's financial system; to organize and specifically promote the company's annual business / budget planning procedures, including the planning and normal operation of capital requirements;

6, to complete the other leaders to pay the other work.


job requirements:

1, undergraduate education, financial related professional, 25-35 years old;

2, 3 years of financial work experience, manufacturing industry, engineering industry work experience;

3, has a good organizational influence and inspiration, insight and analysis and judgment ability; interpersonal communication, coordination ability is excellent,

Language expression and written statements and strong learning;

4, with good time management ability, psychological and compressive strength, with a high degree of contract spirit and responsibility;