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International Business

  The company actively expanded its international business and responded to the “One Way” initiative to carry out international cooperation in biomass utilization and other new technologies for biomass utilization, and achieved remarkable results.
  From 2016 onwards, the company and the Lanzhou University co-construction of the Ministry of Science and Technology hosted the “China and Pakistan biomass energy technology research and development and demonstration of the Joint Center” project for the delivery of biogas in Pakistan and other new energy sources, “Tianying technology” “Tianying program” The


Optical Valley Blue Yan, Lanzhou University, Pakistan signed a cooperation agreement

  On April 16, 2017, the company's high-level cooperation with the Chairman of the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Joseph Zaba, signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Han, decided to cooperate in the development and application of biomass biogas integration systems, and will establish a Sino-Pakistani Bioenergy Research laboratory.
  On July 25, 2017, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Xiong Jian, President of Lanzhou University, and Muhammad Afzal, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Saginda, Pakistan, signed a cooperation agreement in the two countries to carry out all-round development of biomass energy research and development in biogas , The company intends to provide Pakistan with the field of scientific research, equipment, technology and personnel one-stop service, the Pakistan Science Foundation Chairman Muhammad Ashraf attended the signing ceremony.
  The company will build a biogas production facility in Pakistan, providing no less than 200,000 biogas facilities to Pakistan each year. Construction of more than 100 large and medium-sized biogas projects; construction of more than 10 Nissan more than 10,000 cubic meters of large biogas projects. The project will be completed, will achieve an annual output of 400 million cubic meters of biogas, the annual generating 700 million kwh; can solve the 1 million Pakistani household electricity problems; at the same time to solve the livestock manure and straw open burning pollution, 16 million tons, handling stalks 1.3 million tons.
  The company also set up biomass energy research and development centers in some countries in northern Europe, and continuously strengthened international cooperation.

                Chinese and foreign guests to visit the optical valley blue flame exhibition hall                            The two sides signed an agreement