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Company Overview

  Headquarters is located in China Optical Valley Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Hubei Blue flame Ecological Energy Co., Ltd., was established in May 2001. Is a professional engaged in environmental protection and energy industry, equipment, facilities and project design, research and development, production and sales in one, to renewable energy development and utilization of high-tech enterprises. Hubei Blue flame registered capital of 30 million yuan, more than 1,200 employees, office production sites 40,000 square meters. Hubei Blue flame is not only a provider of environmental protection and energy solutions, construction and maintenance of project design and construction, maintenance, operators, or key products, equipment suppliers.
  July 2013, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, State President Xi Jinping visit the blue flame Ezhou Industrial Park, and gave a high evaluation.
  Hubei Lan Yan research and development of new energy and environmental protection products and solutions, including for human and animal fecal biogas utilization of a series of products and solutions: biogas projects and biogas transmission and distribution, home use and other equipment product development and production; for straw open burning , Agricultural and forestry waste energy utilization of a series of products and solutions: biomass pyrolysis, biomass molding, biomass pellet fuel boiler central heating technology research and development, equipment production; for agriculture, industry, municipal sewage treatment products and solutions Program; for industrial enterprises of air pollution control products and solutions: desulfurization and denitrification dust removal technology and equipment R & D and production.
  Hubei Lan Yan R & D and production of products, covering biomass energy utilization, sewage treatment systems engineering, leading products are energy saving and environmental protection biomass stoves, biogas stoves, biogas transmission pipe fittings, biogas purifiers, biogas desulfurization dehydration device, biogas portable analysis Instrument, biogas residue biogas slurry pumping pump.
  Hubei blue flame always adhere to the “production, learning, research,” a combination of the development path, and always focus on scientific and technological research and development and independent innovation. The company and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Coal State Key Laboratory of the joint establishment of the “biomass energy technology research and development center”, and successively with the Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan University of Engineering joint, respectively, set up a product testing base, , Denmark, Canada and other countries advanced production equipment and management experience, the training of personnel, the core technology research and development and production and management closely together to build a “cultivation, research and development, production and sales” four in one of the new business model.
  Hubei Blue flame has passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system certification, made a variety of products, technology patents 59, the product has won several national, provincial and municipal excellent product title. Hubei blue flame Ezhou biomass pyrolysis co-production project, by the National Energy Board established as a national strategic emerging industry demonstration projects, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission will also be included in the project in Hubei Province key construction projects. Since 2005, has been the Ministry of Agriculture ecological energy construction projects successful enterprises, the product successfully into the country twenty-six provinces, more than 1,200 counties and cities. And become: Hubei Province, silver-funded system three A-credit units, members of the National Biogas Society, Hubei Province, double top ten enterprises, outstanding private enterprises, Hubei Province, the credibility of urban construction units.
  As a professional manufacturer of biomass energy, Hubei Blue flame will be adhering to the “unity and hard work, the pursuit of excellence, harmony and innovation, sharing growth” of the corporate culture, contribute to the construction of ecological civilization.